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Jan 5, 2013 1:00pm PST
could cloud immigration reform, pressing for stiffer gun control laws and new energy policies. >> the state of the yien will be critical here. >> joe lockhart served under bill clinton, and he said to achieve his policy goals he has to build public support, a strategy he had more before his second term. >> he has to layout a political game plan on how he is selling it and hit the road. go city on city, and create an environment where it's, very, very difficult for republicans to oppose him. >> reporter: now also on the horizon according to multiple sources, president obama could announce his pick for secretary of defense as early as the start of next week. those who are familiar with the decision making process say, former nebraska senator, chuck hagel is at the top of the list but the president has not yet made his final decision. >> safe travels back to d.c., thank you. >> thank you, my friend. >> congressman paul ryan, catching a lot of flack for voting no on the superstorm sandy relief money, in a statement, he said unfortunately washington's legislative response fails on both cou
Jan 12, 2013 11:00am PST
. green energy and other energy. it's a great area to invest in and we need it in this country. >> general clark, atia abawi, we'll see you later this afternoon when you join us again. >> thank you. >>> unlike the backlash against the possible nomination of susan rice, opposition to president obama's nomination of chuck hagel is coming from both side was of the political divide. as some democrats voice concerns over hagel's positions on a wide range of issue, one of them is joining me now. democratic congressman adam schiff who has tough questions for chuck hagel. sir, great to have you with me. as a senior member of the house intelligence committee you've challenged hagel's nomination to head the pentagon. we've heard certain reasons why and they've been floated out there, but what are yours specificsly? >> i think there are two issues that senator hagel will have to address, and i think his fate is in his own hands. i think he's likely to be confirmed and it is not a slam dunk and he'll have to answer tough questions on iran, principally. he has written and said in the past t
Jan 12, 2013 12:00pm PST the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. >>> hi, everybody. good afternoon. i'm thomas roberts in for craig melvin. you're watching msnbc, the place for politics and as the gun debate of of gun control heats up in the wake of tragedy, some americans are scrambling to get their hands on as many guns to get their hands on the possibility of laws. coming up, we'll talk to the man ahead of gun appreciation day and that's set before 48 before the president's inauguration. three weeks after the earthquake that killed 300,000 in haiti, what's left to be done. we'll talk to the man heading up doctors without borders mission in port-au-prince. later, the third rail of american politics, is not religion and not social security or medicare. so what can bring down a politician faster than you can say flu shot. we'll tell you about it coming up and we begin with the next fiscal cliff and the debt ceiling in a letter to the president yesterday. senate majority lead are harry reid and othe
Jan 12, 2013 1:00pm PST
meantime, the quicker we start working on sustainable forming of energy, doing more with less, the sooner we can get going the better for everyone in the world. as i say, the earth will be here whether we are here or not. what we want to do is make it as liveable as possible in the coming decades. >> when you talk about the conspiracy theories, you believe there's a problem with global warming. >> you lost me. yeah, we just hung up, robert, thomas i don't know if you can hear me. >> yeah. >> we just -- runaway, but it was -- thank you for listening as far as you did. >> i think we are having a problem with the connection. can you still hear me? all right. we have a problem with our connection, sorry about that. but our thanks to bill for joining me today. former congressman barney frank wants to get back to washington and soon. he has been talking about lobbying for the senate seat if kerry goes to secretary of state. is he close tore making it a reality? we will see, keep it locked in here to msnbc. at a dry cleaner, we replaced people with a machine. what? customers didn't like it. so w
Jan 5, 2013 12:00pm PST
immigration reform and enacting stiffer gun control laws and also some new energy policies in terms of the timeline, the white house is still working all of that out, but they say that the president is determined not to have these budget battles derail or side line his other policy goals. a lot of analysts are looking at the situation and saying it's tough to do that and there are more budget battles that are on the horizon that will take up a lot of time and public attention and consumption. >> kristen welker. honolulu. kristen, thank you so much. we'll check in with you later. >>> one piece of good news for president obama from the victory in 2012, it's officially in the books. the election that dominated the airwaves finally came to a close friday when a joint session of congress led by vice president joe biden confirmed the 332 lech ral votes for president obama. so who will be the next lawmaker to receive that same honor? joining me now, brian bointler and amy stoddard from the hill. thanks for coming in on a saturday. amy, let me start with you. a few weeks ago, this conversation was
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5